Beef is sold by the whole, half or quarter by weight and Spring of 2018 we will be trying something new!  Cow sharing will be available for those who wish to purchase less than a 1/4 cow.  We will match buyers to each other and will reserve orders when you let us know your entire share (no less than  1/4 cow) is accounted for.  Contact us at or through our website below for more information on how that works.   Lamb is sold by the whole or half.  Animals are available in the late fall typically in time for the holidays.  Some spring animals may also be available for summer barbecue season, but supplies are very limited. We will have Spring beef in May of 2018.  Now is the time to reserve!   By joining our mailing list (at the very bottom of the page) you will get emails letting you know when it is time to order!

Our friends are harvested here on the farm by an incredibly well respected butcher that we compensate directly.   After initial dressing each animal is weighed.  That weight (minus the non-edible parts) is the hanging weight.

The hanging sides are then transported a local butcher shop for cut and wrap.   We use several different shops and will work with you to find one that is convenient to you and your specific needs.  We’ll walk you through the process and our own lessons learned over the years to make the cutting and wrapping decisions easier.  Size of packages, and types of cuts really need to suit your cooking preferences and family size.  Also, recipes are available for any cut of meat.   It is our goal to ensure that you not only know how to cook every part of the animal but that you have something you’re excited to make using it.    You will need to pay the butcher shop directly for the cutting and wrapping portion when you pick up your animal in frozen, wrapped packages.    Costs range between shops and cutting/packaging decisions but here are some good numbers (as of fall, 2018) to use for estimating:
We sell our animals on price per pound as listed in the table below.   A $200 deposit is needed to hold a beef, and $50 deposit for a lamb when making your order.

The balance is due after harvest when the final weight are known.  You will receive a call and a written invoice at that time.   We truly appreciate prompt payment. Checks should be made out to “Kaukiki Farm”  and can be sent to:  Kaukiki Farm in care of Amy Parker  ~ PO Box 515 ~  Wauna, WA  98395.

Animal Size Average Hanging Weight (lbs) Cost per Pound Estimate Due to Kaukiki Cut & Wrap Estimate per pound Estimate Cut & Wrap Fee paid to Butcher Total Total Price / Pound
Beef whole 700 $4.10 $2,870.00 $0.74 $444.00 $3,314.00 $4.73
Beef half 350 $4.10 $1,435.00 $0.74 $222.00 $1657.00 $4.73
Beef quarter 175 $4.35 $761.25 $0.74 $129.50 $890.75 $5.09
Lamb whole 55 $6.35 $349.25 $50.00 $50.00 $399.25 $7.26
Lamb half 30 $6.50 $195.00 $30.00 $30.00 $225.00 $7.50