Spring Lambs

Our Sheep

Our flock of Oxford Down  ewes are selected for their gentle natures, great mothering skills, ability to convert grass to protein and their outstanding tender, mild flavor.

The Oxford Down breed originated in the 1830’s and became firmly established over the next 50 years.  Many of the first flocks were located in Oxfordshire, England and that is how they got their name.  They are outstanding for both mutton and wool.  For more information on the breed,  you can follow this link:

Oxford Down Wikipedia



Our Cattle

Our cattle are predominantly Angus and Angus cross.

The Angus breed began in the northern regions of Scotland in the regions of Angus and Aberdeenshire.  The very first Angus cattle were imported into the U.S. in 1873. Angus beef is renowned for its fine marbling texture and superlative eating qualities.

The Galloway breed is recognized to be a very ancient one, with obscure roots. Unrivaled as a grazing breed, they utilizes coarse grasses.They are noted for their ability to produce a high quality beef  directly from grass- is not necessary to feed grains to ‘finish’ them.


Skippy waits for his ride. photo credit: Roxanne Minder

The rest of the gang

Our farm isn’t all sheep and cows.  Skippy the Jack Russell Terrier and Spero the Border Collie are just two of our working farm dogs.

Grumpy Cow
Good Girl! Spero waiting patiently to go in with the horses